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Learn & Growing Kid's Boutique website was founded in 2021. Originally, it came from Le Pain Boutique store which was founded in 2011 in Northern Virginia. We have 11 years in experience providing our customers with quality products.   


We have a unique eye for what’s next in fashion. Our brands impart a sense of beauty, optimism and simplicity in the everyday life. We carry a curated selection of styles from hundreds of independent designers. We partner with the world’s greatest designers and stores to bring you the world of fashion in one place. Designers travel the world and collaborate with talented artisans to bring us a unique selection of kids and women's clothing, shoes, accessories, bags, toys, gifts and more. Learn & Growing is working hard to deliver the best possible shopping experience, helping customers find unique styles—not just mainstream fashion. 


We’re committed to inspiring personal style and helping our community and customers feel like the best version of themselves. The people and the stories that we hear, see and share every day inspire us to stay on this path.

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